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Ray's House is a faith based alcohol and substance abuse recovery program. This program is formed on faith to give hope to people so that they can succeed in life. It is a six-month to two-year program.

Ray's House is also a 501C3 organization.

Ray's House will be working with the courts, probation offices, jails, Veterans Administration and the public. Clients will have monitored employment in surrounding businesses with all transportation to and from work provided.

Ray’s House is a work recovery program, which is beneficial for the client’s to learn self sufficiency, discipline, and to attain their goals. Rays House utilizes various employers in the local communities, all of which are supportive to the mission at Ray’s House.

Clients pay their own way at Ray’s House, which benefits the client, their family, the community, as well as state and federal agencies.

We will ask employers if they can provide full-time employment to clients who successfully complete the program at Ray's House.

There will be weekly random drug/alcohol screening to monitor the clients' progress.


Here at Ray’s House Inc. we have many opportunities for our clients. A normal week here at Ray’s House starts off on Sunday morning with our 10:30 am CST service, which is held on site at our church, all clients attend and family is encouraged to join as well.

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We have church again on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm CST, again families are encouraged and welcomed to attend the service. Wednesday night we have our Celebrate Recovery class which starts at 7:00 pm CST and is held on site at our church. Thursday night between 7:00pm CST and 9:30 pm CST MTF Counceling Resources, LLC . holds our anger management, substance abuse, classes with group counseling;  individual counseling is aslo available. On Friday night we have a second Celebrate Recovery class for the week, held off site at New Hope Church in Muskogee Oklahoma. On our client’s free time we offer many activities such as basketball, volleyball, fishing, and horseshoes.

At Ray's House we strive to provide an atmosphere of openness, trust and honesty between our clients and us. We strongly believe that faith and hard work along with a structured lifestyle are keys to our client’s mental and physical well being and that our foremost responsibility is to our clients.

While in the program, Clients will always be supervised. All clients will be screened prior to their entry.


For additional and more detailed information please contact us.